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Interview with SolarWindow CEO, John Conklin

Solar Windows Logo

The following is a Q & A with SolarWindow Technologies (WNDW) President and CEO, John A. Conklin

1. SolarWindows are created by applying ultra-thin layers of liquid coating onto glass and flexible plastics. Are there any other substrates you are looking into? Any other uses?

No, at this time the commercialization of SolarWindow focuses on glass and flexible plastic. Plans to coat on substrates other than glass and flexible plastic is planned but not near term.

Commercial development of the SolarWindow products include:

• SolarWindow™ – Commercial, Structural, and Architectural Glass (Commercial) – Flat glass products for installation in new commercial towers under construction and replacement windows, glass walls and curtains, and textured and decorative interior glass walls, room dividers, etc

• SolarWindow™ – Residential – A window glass for installation in new residential homes under construction and replacement windows

• SolarWindow™ – BIPV – Components associated with BIPV applications in homes, buildings, and office towers

• SolarWindow™ Retrofit & Flexible Veneer – Transparent, tinted, and flexible veneers that installers can apply directly over top of existing windows on tall towers and skyscrapers

Our primary focus is first on the development and deployment of SolarWindow™-Commercial products.

2. Are there any buildings currently using SolarWindows? If so, please describe.

No, SolarWindow transparent electricity generating coatings are currently under commercial development. We do, however, plan to install SolarWindow products on buildings for real-time testing and monitoring during later stages of commercialization.

3. Are there any tax incentives to use SolarWindows for developers and builders?

We anticipate state and federal tax incentives available for conventional solar photovoltaic systems will also be available for SolarWindow™ product installations.

4. Are there any licensing agreements in the works?

The company is having SolarWindow technology discussions with several different high-tech and industrial companies. At this time, these discussions and nature of our relationship with strategic partners is privileged and confidential.

5. When do you anticipate product being available for sale?

The company has three goals to commercialization and revenue generation:
1. Raise capital in order to execute our build-out of SolarWindow
2. Formalize strategic relationships with glass, energy, and building industries. These Partnerships give us instant commercial reach and the ability to build our products in bigger, better, faster ways
3. Build SolarWindow products that are ready for commercial production

Our revenue model is essentially:
1. License our technology to glass companies already in an existing large global market with total glass market focus
2. Engineering SolarWindow™ coatings so they can be applied directly onto glass by companies who produce glass and build windows

Essential to revenue generation is: scale and performance improvements, engineering final product, pre-manufacturing final design, entering into strategic commercial partnerships in the glass industry, and manufacturing & deployment. The company plans to commercialize SolarWindow before year end 2017. We still have a lot of development to complete to commercialize SolarWindow. We are focused on our commercialization plans.

6. Without current revenue how are you financing day-to-day operations? What is your average monthly burn rate?

The Company has used Private Placement type offerings to capitalize operations and technology development. Based on the latest Company Annual Financial Report, the company’s average monthly burn rate is approximately $217K.

7. Stock price is up over 100% for the year, bravo! What do you attribute the rise to?

We cannot comment on, nor provide any assessment of, what happens on the Market.

The company, however, is committed to keeping shareholders, stakeholders, potential investors, and the public informed of SolarWindow company and technology development. Our plan for reaching out is driven by planning needs, schedule, and budget, and news flow. We will continue to keep shareholders, stakeholders, potential investors, and the public informed of our progress in meeting our key commercialization goals and objectives.

8. According to YahooFinance 61% of shares are held by insiders and 5% owners. Have you invested in the company yourself?

Yes, as President and CEO, I own shares of SolarWindow Technologies, Inc. stock.

9. Your last quarterly report appears to be May 2015. Do you plan on remaining a fully reporting company? If so when can we expect latest earnings report?

The company is a “Small Reporting Company” that will continue to file quarterly and annual financial reports in accordance with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

10. Can you state current stock structure, shares authorized and shares outstanding?

The aggregate market value of the voting and non-voting common equity held by non-affiliates of the registrant as of the last business day of the registrant’s most recently completed second fiscal quarter, based upon the closing sale price of the registrant’s common stock on February 27, 2015, as reported on the OTC Markets Group Inc. QBTM tier (the “OTCQB”) was $25,097,189.

As of December 10, 2015 there were 26,572,615 shares of the registrant’s common stock outstanding.

About John A. Conklin

John A. Conklin brings to SolarWindow Technologies, Inc. 30 years of industrial, commercial, renewable and alternative energy experience, having provided technical and business consulting services to more than 50 technology, manufacturing, and industrial process companies. Mr. Conklin’s client-companies have ranged from start-ups to Fortune 500 corporations, including IBM, Lockheed Martin, Frito-Lay, and TDI Power, Inc., a global manufacturer of power systems. Mr. Conklin possesses industrial process, environmental systems design, testing, and analytical experience, which has resulted in cost savings ranging from 10-25% for numerous clients in the surface coatings industry. Surface coatings are key to the development of SolarWindow™, which makes use of special coatings that allow for the generation and movement of electricity on see-through glass. Mr. Conklin holds a North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) Level I Certificate, globally-recognized as North America’s “gold standard” agency for photovoltaic and solar thermal installation certification. He routinely attends NABCEP certified training programs throughout the Northeastern United States.

Northern California’s First Solar-Powered Cannabis Dispensary Opens

Emerald Pharms

Emerald Pharms announced today the opening of Northern California’s first solar-powered medical cannabis dispensary. Emerald Pharms will be open to the public on Tuesday, October 27th.

Emerald Pharms will specialize in regional heirloom genetics, and feature an extensive selection of high quality, lab-tested products, including: CBD-rich products, edibles, topicals, tinctures, sublingual sprays, gel caps and smokeless vape cartridges, as well as flower, seeds, and clones.

“We chose Hopland because it’s the gateway to The Emerald Triangle, the largest cannabis producing region in the world, and the place where CBD-rich cannabis was re-discovered,” said Emerald Pharms. “Our mission is to showcase the things Northern California is best known for: environmental sustainability, technical ingenuity and high quality cannabis.”
Emerald Pharms is located at the Real Goods Solar Living Center in Hopland, California, a twelve-acre permaculture paradise and demonstration site for renewable energy, green building, biodynamic gardening, and other sustainable technologies.

Compare Reviews for Solar Energy Companies


Solar Energy is taking the world by storm and for many consumers hoping to be apart of that storm, finding credible resources that cover the topic can be hard. ConsumerAffairs created a guide that helps consumers determine whether or not “going solar” will work for them.

Here are a few topics the guide covers:

  • What are the different types of solar energy companies – and which one will meet your specific needs?
  • Going solar can be expensive, so what are your financing options?
  • Does the company offer service beyond installation?

You can access the guide here:

An Electrifying Investment: What Distributed Generation and Net Metering Mean for You


Today, the Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative (SGCC) released a new tool designed to educate consumers about the benefits of next-generation smart grid technologies. Providing answers to many common questions, SGCC’s new fact sheet An Electrifying Investment: What Distributed Generation and Net Metering Mean for You simplifies the principles of net metering and distributed generation. Designed to empower consumers to take on America’s shifting energy landscape, this new tool also equips consumers with key questions they should ask when considering a home energy system, such as rooftop solar panels.

Auric Solar Flips the Switch on Utah’s Largest Solar Power Project at Rio Tinto Stadium

Solar Panels over Rio Tinto Parking Lot

Rio Tinto Stadium, the home of Major League Soccer’s Real Salt Lake as well as the USL Real Monarchs, today flipped the ceremonial switch on the state of Utah’s largest privately-owned solar array. The 2,020-kilowatt system was installed by Auric Solar.

The solar panels will offset 73 percent of Real Salt Lake’s total annual stadium power needs – the largest offset in North American professional sports and entertainment venues. The ambitious project was initiated in April 2015 and took six months to complete.

Nearly 95 percent of the solar array (made up of 6,423 solar panels) has been installed on new solar-covered parking structures, including an entirely new parking lot on the north side of the stadium. Covering the equivalent of 3.10 acres, the aggregation of the panels would cover 2.3 American football fields, 1.3 FIFA regulation soccer fields, extending 7.9 miles or 41,500 feet if stacked end-to-end.

SunEdison and City of Fremont Unveil City’s New Solar Canopy Systems

SunEdison Logo (PRNewsFoto/SunEdison, Inc.)

SunEdison, Inc. (NYSE: SUNE), the largest global renewable energy development company, today announced the completion of three solar canopy systems for the City of Fremont, Calif. The systems are expected to generate 1.2 megawatts (MW) DC of clean, reliable electricity for the city.

The solar canopy systems are mounted on canopy structures over parking lots at the city’s Irvington Community Center, the Aqua Adventure Water Park, and the Robert Wasserman Fremont Police Center. The solar systems are expected to generate enough energy to power almost 150 homes each year and avoid the emission of more than 500 tons of carbon dioxide annually, equivalent to the amount of carbon sequestered by approximately 425 acres of forest.

The City of Fremont signed 20-year power purchase agreements with SunEdison as part of the Regional Renewable Energy Procurement Program (R-REP) led by Alameda County. It is projecting that the solar energy will save taxpayers more than $2.6 million dollars over the life of the agreement, and will result in a more than 5 percent reduction in city emissions following the completion of a fourth canopy system early next year.

Surging Growth Prompts Restart Solar to Open New Los Angeles County Showroom, Office & Warehouse

Restart Solar, a leading Southern California-based residential solar company with locations in Ventura County, San Bernadino County, and Orange County, announced today that in response to surging demand for its cost and energy-saving solar system installations, it has opened a new 5518 square foot showroom, office and warehouse in Los Angeles County at 1501 Truman Street, Los Angeles 91340.

According to Restart Solar’s founder and President Kyle DeMarinis, the new location was selected after a prolonged search because it supported the company’s expansion goals, but without compromising its established commitment to customer support and service.

“Since day one, our business model has always been to be the best local residential solar company in every area that we serve,” commented DeMarinis. “Now through our new location, we can get to our Los Angeles County customers much faster. We can also invite them to come in and meet our amazing team, see our advanced products and equipment, and enjoy a better overall customer experience. Simply having happy customers isn’t good enough. We strive to make our customers raving fans, and our new location is a key part of this ongoing commitment.”